Hay Now!



About our hay:

We cut our hay early so the grass has very little seed which makes it high in nutritional value and palatability. All our animals love it! Our fields consist of Fescue, Brome, Lespedesa, Bermuda, & other orchard grasses. We keep our hay pesticide/herbicide free, completely natural, 100% sisal twine tied, and has not been chemically treated in any way. This is VERY good quality animal feed.  Our hay has been tested by the University of Missouri Extension Service and scored “Excellent.” We have had great feed back from many of our goat & horse owners.  If you are in the NW Arkansas & SW Missouri area please feel free to contact us for more information regarding our hay availability and pricing.


Other uses for hay & straw bales:

Many people are thinkinIMAG4260g outside the box these days to find affordable sustainable ways to pursue their hobbies and goals.  We are finding more and more people looking into purchasing straw bales to create straw bale gardens.  Some are also using the hay and straw to create temporary animal structures or even as a natural insulation feature for houses & buildings.  Maybe you simply want to celebrate autumn with a fun yard display or hay rides for the neighborhood kids.  Just give us a call if you are looking for small or large scale hay orders.




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